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I Live In Reality, But I’ve My Own Fantasies. There Is Pain In My Eyes But A Shine In My Smile. I Am Outspoken, Yet Shy. I Am Hurt By A Few But Loved By A Lot. I Am Ordinary Yet... Updated 25 Apr · 0 comments

About Me

In childhood I always wanted to grow big. But now I realized that broken toys and wounded knees were better than... broken heart & wounded emotions

I have three Diamonds and they are precious to me. My life will go for a toss, if any of those diamonds go missing. My life would not have been the same without these diamonds of my life. Let me share these diamonds with you:

My first Diamond - My Roots, My Love, My Values: My first diamond is those people of my life who love me unconditionally.

It doesn't make any difference to them, if I am successful or struggling.
It doesn't make any difference to them, if I go to them when I am dejected, rejected, hurt and sad.
They just love me for what I am and as I am. They are holding the one side of my life.
They give me purpose to work.
They give me reason to smile, to feel happy.
If I am sad and hurt, they just embrace me and tell me, "Don't worry. Things will improve. We are with you". Just like "Jaadu ki Japhi" of Munnabhai MBBS (Hug of Magic). With such people around me, I am sure...I will never be alone in my life.

My second Diamond - Seasons, Party Time: My second diamond is those people who keep on changing as per my status, phase of my life. As I grow and climb up the ladder of success, such people grow around me.

They come to me, when they are in need.
They come to me, to enjoy their life.
They change, with seasons, with hours.
They feel happy; love to give my reference when I am growing and successful.
They keep encouraging me, when I am winning my game, my fight, my battle.

If I fail, if I fall...they just disappear. They bad-mouth me. At times, they hurt me. They leave me, when I am in need. Through such people, life has taught me to be alert all the time. Through such people, life has given me the reason to enjoy everyday, every moment of life. Through such people life has given me an opportunity to learn, always.

My third Diamond - My Critics, My Teachers: My third diamond is those people who always criticize me. It seems that they don't have any other work but to find my mistakes, my faults.
Doesn't matter, how much effort I am putting;
Doesn't matter, how much hard work I am putting;
Doesn't matter, if I am successful and growing

They are just able to find fault in everything that I am doing. They are my teachers. Unknowingly, they are making me perfect. They are letting me know that there are areas of improvement.
Through them, God has given me an opportunity to learn and always be perfect. They teach me that, if you are successful just let your hairs wave/fly in the air and keep your feet's on the ground. If you stretch...lift your one leg...you can grow a bit more; but if you lift both legs...you will fall.

Together, these three diamonds, completes the necklace of my life. I will be nothing, if any of them is not there. I am thankful to God for giving me three precious diamonds. They are the beginning and end of my life. They are my parents, my friends, my known people, my teachers and my gurus, my colleagues and my team members; people known to me, people I have not even seen. Thanks a lot for being there.

For me all three are important and precious.
Without my first diamond, I will be like a person without backbone;
If I don't have the second diamond, I will not make mistakes and I will not learn.
In the absence of the third diamond, I will be like a person living in isolation...in a closed room. I will start thinking as if I am perfect. I will start thinking that whatever I am doing is correct. There will not be anything to master. There will not be any competition and nothing to prove to any one.

Do you also have such a precious ornament in your life?

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