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Itil Foundation Exam Study Guide - Liz Gallacher, Helen Morris

18 August 2015 - 10:15 PM


Liz Gallacher, Helen Morris, "ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide"
Sybex | 2012 | English | ISBN: 1119942756 | 408 pages | PDF | 12 MB

Everything you need to prepare for the ITIL exam ? Accredited to 2011 syllabus

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) exam is the ultimate certification for IT service management. This essential resource is a complete guide to preparing for the ITIL Foundation exam and includes everything you need for success. Organized around the ITIL Foundation (2011) syllabus, the study guide addresses the ITIL Service Lifecycles, the ITIL processes, roles, and functions, and also thoroughly explains how the Service Lifecycle provides effective and efficient IT services.
Offers an introduction to IT service management and ITIL V3 service strategy
Highlights the topics of service design and development and the service management processes
Reviews the building, testing, authorizing, documenting, and implementation of new and changed services into operation
Addresses creating and maintaining value for customers through monitoring and improving services, processes, and technology
Includes a DVD that features valuable study aids such as flash cards, mock exams, sample questions, and more

If you prefer self-study over the more expensive training course, but you don't want to skimp on information or preparation, then this study guide is for you.

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Pmp Q&a (October 2014)

17 August 2015 - 03:43 PM


Steve Caseley, "PMP Q&A"
Cengage Learning PTR| 1st edition (October 15, 2014) | ISBN: 1305491971 | English | 306 pages | PDF | 40 MB

PMP Q&A is your best one-stop resource and prep guide for the Project Management Institute's PMP (Project Management Professional) certification exam. This complete learning aid/study guide will prepare you to take the current exam for the most popular certification in today's project management industry--an internationally recognized certification of project management expertise. This book features not only a full set of sample questions and answers, but--importantly--explanations of the correct answers, drawn from project management Knowledge Areas, including scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, and much more. Each of the PMP exam's Knowledge Areas is covered, and pre- and post-tests help you fine-tune your study focus. Whether you're new to project management or a veteran, PMP Q&A will help you prepare for this important certification, test your knowledge, and do your best on exam day.

Chapter 1: Pre-Test
Chapter 2: Project Management Processes, Organizational Structures, and Professionalism
Chapter 3: Project Integration Management
Chapter 4: Project Scope Management
Chapter 5: Project Time Management
Chapter 6: Project Cost Management
Chapter 7: Project Quality Management
Chapter 8: Project Human Resource Management
Chapter 9: Project Communications Management
Chapter 10: Project Risk Management
Chapter 11: Project Procurement Management
Chapter 12: Project Stakeholder Management
Chapter 13: Post-Test
Chapter 14: Exam Day Tips and Hints
Appendix A: Answers and Justifications

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Creating Universes With Sap Businessobjects (With Code) - September 2014

16 August 2015 - 01:49 AM


Taha M. Mahmoud, "Creating Universes with SAP BusinessObjects"
PacktPub | September 2014 | ISBN: 1782170901 | English | 306 pages | PDF + Code | 18 MB

Create and maintain powerful SAP BusinessObjects Universes with the SAP Information Design Tool

About this book

* Gain all the skills needed to achieve your business intelligence goals by linking your business, data, and people using SAP BusinessObjects
* Master the SAP Information Design Tool to create a universe and explore its resources such as the connection, data foundation layer, and business layer
* Learn to use a business case supported with illustrated diagrams that will help you to build robust universes

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at both new developers as well as experienced developers. If you are a new SAP BusinessObjects universe developer who is looking for a step-by-step guide supported with real-life examples and illustrated diagrams, then this book is for you. If you are a seasoned BusinessObjects universe developer who is looking for a fast way to map your old experience in universe Designer to the newer Information Design Tool, then this book is for you as well.

In Detail

Creating a Universe using SAP BusinessObjects is your ultimate guide to mastering the development of BusinessObjects Universes using the SAP Information Design Tool. You will find many hands-on exercises as well as hints and best practices within this guide.

The book starts with an introduction to Business Intelligence and where BusinessObjects Universes fit into the big picture. Then, we will go through the Universe creation process. You will then learn how to create a Data Foundation (physical layer) and how to establish a new relational database and OLAP connection. Following this, you will learn how to create a Business layer. You will also learn how to handle security using user profiles and how to use functions such as @Aggregate_Aware(). This is a must-have book for any SAP BO Universe developer and will act as a reference for beginners and experts alike.

What You Will Learn

* Leverage SAP BusinessObjects Universes to facilitate your Business Intelligence goals
* Explore the Information Design Tool, which brings speed and efficiency to reporting
* Build a robust Data Foundation layer
* Make a business-oriented Universe
* Test your Universe and discover issues
* Use the security profile editor to secure your Universe
* Develop Universes in a multiuser development environment

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Sap Abap: Hands-On Test Projects With Business Scenarios - November 2014

15 August 2015 - 10:19 PM


Sushil Markandeya, Kaushik Roy, "SAP ABAP: Hands-On Test Projects with Business Scenarios"
Apress | November 2014 | ISBN: 1430248033 | English | 892 pages | PDF | 65 MB

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) elucidates the numerous features of the core programming platform, which is used for development for the entire SAP software suite. SAP ABAP uses numerous hands on business oriented use cases and a valuable dedicated e-resource to demonstrate the underlying advanced concepts of the OO ABAP environment and the SAP UI. SAP ABAP covers the latest version (NetWeaver 7.3 and SAP application programming release 6.0) of the platform for demonstrating the customization and implementation phases of the SAP software implementation.

Shorn of weighty theoretical treatment and preoccupation with language syntax, SAP ABAP is a comprehensive, practical one stop solution,which demonstrates and conveys the language's commands and features through hands on examples. The accompanying e-resource is a take off point to the book.

SAP ABAP works in tandem with the accompanying e-resource to create an interactive learning environment where the book provides a brief description and an overview of a specified feature/command followed by the user switching over to the accompanying e-resource, where a step-by-step guide to creating and running the feature's object is available.

The presentation of the features is scenario oriented, i.e. most of the features are demonstrated in terms of small business scenarios. The e-resource contains the scenario descriptions, screen shots, detailed screen cams and ABAP program source to enable the reader to create all objects related to the scenario and run/execute them.

The underlying concepts of a feature/command are conveyed through execution of these hands-on programs. Further exercises to be performed independently by the reader are also proposed. The demonstration/illustration objects including the programs rely on some of the SAP application tables being populated, for example an IDES system which is now a de facto system for all SAP training related activities.

What you'll learn

* The core ABAP platform
* Advanced concepts of OO programming with ABAP
* SAP application tables
* IDES system
* Programming the SAP user interface.

Who this book is for

For beginners in SAP application programming, and as a reference for practicing professionals and consultants in SAP ABAP.

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Introduction To Abap Programming For Sap (3Rd Edition) - July 2014

15 August 2015 - 11:25 AM


Dhruv Kashyap, Mark Balleza, Robert Lyfareff, Gareth M. de Bruyn, "Introduction to ABAP Programming for SAP (3rd Edition)"
Cengage Learning PTR | 3rd edition (July 17, 2014) | ISBN: 1305266471 | English | 544 pages | PDF | 25 MB

In this thoroughly updated third edition of INTRODUCTION TO ABAP/4 PROGRAMMING FOR SAP, you'll find real-world examples that will help you master ABAP, the main language used for building solid-state business applications in the SAP runtime environment. This book contains a learn-by-doing tutorial with real-world business examples for programming in today's most powerful client-server environment. From the basics of tables, displays, loops, and conditional operators to tuning and troubleshooting techniques to web service calls, object orientation, or enhancing system performance, this tutorial is a must for anyone developing in the SAP environment. Whether you've already spent thousands on official training or learned SAP on your own, this book offers comprehensive technical knowledge on reports, interfaces, data extracts, and testing. Take control with INTRODUCTION TO ABAP/4 PROGRAMMING FOR SAP, THIRD EDITION.

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