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Announcement: SHO Rules

Posted by UnDeRwOrLd GuArDiAn

UnDeRwOrLd GuArDiAn
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Conduct of our Members:

Please maintain respect to all individuals on this board at all times. As we are a mixed community, there are a wide range of opinions, experiences, backgrounds, religions and ages.

General Forum Guidelines:
  • No trashing other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
  • Languages other than English are not accepted
  • No foul language and none whatsoever in titles.
  • No abuse towards other members.
  • No racist dialogue or content.
  • No offensive usernames (Admins will moderate this).
  • No porn, or almost porn, or maybe this is porn. If you have to ask "Is this porn?" It probably is. DO NOT put Abuse Wordually explicit material, images, icons or anything similar� anywhere in these forums. "We're not here for that!" This also includes any "Art", link, erotic art, etc...
  • DO NOT ask for money or sell services through this website.
  • No aggressive behaviour or flaming in the forums.

  • Do NOT use inappropriate language(only hindi nd english are allowed)
  • What ever moderators say is always rite. So kindly follow it.
  • No direct or Indirect advertising in shoutbox (direct links r not allowed)
  • Sharing email ids via shoutbox is not allowed(giving or asking)
  • Do NOT use CAPS LOCK in sbox meaning NO using big words, Only small words allowed!.
  • Respect everyone and treat the forums with care for since it took a good amount of time to create
  • No Verbal fighting is allowed between any members in shoutbox, if he/she repeats same after warning he/she will be banned from SB.

General Posting Guidelines:
  • For any active links posted as a reply/new topic - use the "Code" tags;
  • Signature statements or Signature images (hot-linked images); FTP links; Commercially Posted Images (hot-linked images).
  • DO A SEARCH before posting: use the search function to see if the application/game/resource has already been posted. Duplicated posts will be closed or merged.
  • No bumping...all bumped threads will be deleted.
  • Decision Taken By Admins is Final and no one can question it.
  • Dont post other forum or blogs links in your topics/replies.
  • NOT ALLOWED posts/downloads/links (posters will be warned):Anti-Leech links,Abuse Worduploaderlinks .

Request & Signature/Avatar:
  • Requests must only be posted in the DESIGNATED REQUEST SECTIONS!
  • Requests are deemed by post count. i.e. you must have a certain amount of Posts in order to request in the appropriate section.
  • Allowed formats are: .gif, .jpg and .png.
  • Be considerate. Resize your images to size specified: Avatar 100px*100px / Siggy 300px*100px (one signature is allowed).
  • If you want to use user bars you can use up to maximum 4 bars, with max 400px*20px.

As a NEW MEMBER you will only be able to view certain forums. This means, you just �landed� here, the place we call HOME, so �hello� and �welcome� from all our staff!

(*): After validating the link, please introduce yourself, let us welcome you and get into �action�!

Thanks for your attention.

Studentshangout.com Team.