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Announcement: Shoutbox Rules!

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Below are listed the main rules of the Shoutbox. We cant list out every minor detail because it would take forever!

Be kind to others using the Shoutbox

1. Do NOT use inappropriate language(only hindi nd english are allowed)

2. What ever moderators say is always rite. So kindly follow it.

3. No direct or Indirect advertising in shoutbox (direct links r not allowed)

4. Sharing email ids/messenger ids via shoutbox is not allowed(giving or asking)

5. Do NOT use CAPS LOCK in sbox meaning dont use capital letters, Only small letters allowed!.

6.Respect everyone and treat the forums with care for since it took a good amount of time to create

Be active and have fun!

Those are just the main features.
Remember to abide by these so you dont get banned!